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Maintenance free lead acid batteries (VRLA=Valve
Regulated Lead Acid) are an environmentally friendly,
modern source of energy. Lead acid has been recycled
out of used batteries since decades.


The high absorptive micro porous separator of the
maintenance free FG-lead acid battery binds a large
quantity of pure electrolyte and isolates the electrodes
permanently from one another. Due to this fact the
battery can be used in many positions, even laying on
its side, without capacity loss. The electrodes consist
of a special lead alloy free of antimony. The result is
a minimal self-discharging amounting to less than
3% per month.


The robust housing is made of shock-resistant, break-
proof as well as of corrosion- and aging-resistant ABS
synthetic material.

FG lead acid batteries are deep discharge proofed; they
can be charged again after a deep discharge. Nevertheless
one should basically recharge batteries immediately after
a discharge. Accumulators with the same capacity can be
connected in series and in parallel without division of the
electric charge, yet they should belong to the same batch.


  • rechargeable, fully maintenance free
  • AGM technology
  • deep dischargeable, up to 30 days
  • minimal self-discharge
    < 0,1% / 24h at 20°C
  • high temperature range
    - 30°C to + 50°C, preferably
    +10°C to + 30°C
  • High capacity types and cycle versions
  • high energy spectrum
  • high application durability at 20°C more
    than 5 years


recycle VdS / UL / BS


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