JEWO Chargers
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We are proud to finally present you our new generation
of chargers. Based on our experience we decided to
launch this series in our sales program for you.

We can offer these types in desk-charger version or
the smaller ones as plug chargers.
The primary
switched chargers with 2-step charge 
line serve to charge maintenance 
free lead acid
batteries in cycle use like wheel 
chairs, lifts,
assemble trolleys, small pallet 
transporters, golf
caddies and other applications, 
when they must be
ready to be used again after 
10 to 12 hours.

The chargers have a current limiting output which 

charges the lead acid accumulators with up to 

approx. 14,5/29,0 Volt. This voltage is maintained 

constant over an appropriate period of time with 

help of a timer, while the charging current is
continuously reduced. Afterwards the voltage is 

lowered to the trickle charging and the green LED
lights up. This shows the end of the charging process.
If the battery is not needed immediately, it should 

remain connected to the active charger.

  • primary switched
  • for maintenance free lead acid batteries
    in cycle use
  • short charging period (10 - 12 hours)
  • current-limiting output
  • Timer

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