Saft NiCD/NiMh

Saft has a very extensive product range of
high performance cells developed in the nickel
cadmium and the nickel metal hydride area,
in order to meet the requirements of all kinds
of applications.
The entire range of cells and battery pack
solutions is based on tested and innovative
technologies and leads to exceptional
achievements tailored to your specific needs.


On our product list you will find the following


Nickel-Cadmium Standard Cells
Constructed for standard and cyclic applications
which will be used for large application areas..
The VRE series is suitable for
applications which require a long lasting charge
(C/20 to C/15) at temperatures up to +35°C.


Nickel-Cadmium High Temperature Cells
These cells take a continuous charge
(C/20 to C/15) for a minimum of 4 years
in areas with a high temperature (for example for
emergency/safety systems).
Improved cell versions such as VT Cs-1500 U
and VT D 70 can withstand a constant temperature
of up to +55°C while maintaining a similar lifetime,
if they are continuously recharged.

Nickel-Metal Hydride Standard Cells and
High Temperature Cells

Manufactured for use with high and constant
power; these cells have been developed for fully
moving appliances, which require a quick charge
and discharge over an extended
lifetime. The VH Cs, VH D and
VH F cells are specially aimed for cable free
electric power tools, electric bicycles, electric
wheelchairs and professional accessories. The
newest VHT range has been designed in order to
meet the requirements of areas with a high
temperature, such as back-up applications.


  • Constant voltage during
  • High energy density
  • Large temperature range from
    -40°C to +65°C
  • Extremely reliable
  • Long lifetime, over 500
    charge/discharge cycles
  • Exceptionally long storage life


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