Information Obligation
With this information sheet we are complying with our duty to inform our customers in accordance

with the battery law and we would like to point out the following obligations:


We are hereby informing our customers


  1. that batteries and accumulators can be returned free of charge to the local retailer
  2. that the end user is obliged to return old batteries and accumulators
  3. the meaning that the symbol stated in § 17 paragraph 1 and the symbol stated in § 17 paragraph 3 have (see below)

The symbols which we are referring to are Mercury (Hg) when more than 0.0005 mass % is contained, Cadmium (Cd) when there is more than 0.002 mass % of Cadmium and Lead (Pb) when more than 0.004 mass % of lead is contained.


- The disposal of old batteries in normal household waste is forbidden by law
- Protect nature with us from environmental damage
- Please give your old batteries to your local retailer who can dispose of them correctly


Here you can download a PDF-file which contains the symbol meanings:




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